Thursday, 18 April 2013

Shall we not be Issued Forth?

Personal resonance with higher consciousness will not stop machinations of war or environmental degradation. Nihilism will not help our message. Truth alone, or a witnessing of trends, will not move us by the affirmation of it. Polarization is dividing society, and there are the means in place to arrest extremes of opposition. Shall we not be Issued Forth? Can we complain of the defeating nature of what they have Issued Forth if we do not? Are there any forums in which to discuss an approach toward action? Do we contribute to division amongst ourselves or accelerate a separation from the collective? #IssuedForth, discuss it before the net is disabled. @IssuedForth

Thursday, 11 April 2013

The Momentum, a first call, part 2

My cage at it's fullest had 23 people, two of them in wheelchairs. One, pissed-himself-passed-out, a native American who had been letting air out of tires. And the other was am amputee taxman from Niagra who had been unable to escape the Saturday assault on queens park. The cops had told him to hop to the car, dragged him when he refused, then lost his prosthetic leg and file. So he was stuck in there about 30 hours, 8 past before he got a wheelchair. The only humor in the cage was this dude who stripped down to his boxers because he was soaked, he had no problem being the comedian and really enjoyed it. His name was called and he responded with, "can you hold on I need to put my clothes back on". Well they forgot about him after that, but I'm sure he got out soon after I did. The majority of detainees were liquidated out on condition to not protest anymore in Toronto that week.
        Canadians were oblivious to the battle that was lost that day, but anecdote aside Canadians are overwhelmingly docile and ignorant. They love to believe their little platitudes and buy their Tim Hortons.
        Being near absolute predicable, and with opposition controlled or infiltrated, the upcoming generation of weight-bearers, those parents and workers, are essentially obeying the program. You know this, but I think the future holds no grace. It's an just an acknowledged trait of mine to be into these things. The territory is all mine, no one I know feels compelled to care about the world, as they say I do, they tell me to care about myself. Am I just a Fucking example of how not to think? Oh they tell me it's noble to have a heart like mine but they just don't want the stress of it all. Incompetence everywhere. What curse humanity has when only a few individuals are given the faculties to see obvious the meaning of life. Indicative of itself, only to some.
        Exasperating frustration, or apathetic nihilism, being aware is no easy task. Like a vampire the dollar leaves us little time to work for anything else. We all need to cherish the evenings but if any good is to come of us it will come upon the renunciation of after-work pleasures. How many people would fight for their "free-time"? Fight to keep watching movies, drinking beer, killing virtual opponents, or having fun with the kids? I believe that we are deep in dystopia. I know the evil, I have been the evil. I thought in extremes, still do, and it enlightened to me a reality of our ways, when in high-school I seemed to be the the only one afraid of being absent in the history books. I was given many opportunities to learn about other paths of being. I see, or imagine poetically, a "Map of Fates", drawn up from people, peoples, their toils, achievements and remnants. Humanity is Issued Forth, as today, as ever, always. Issued Forth, across the seas. Issued forth, by the mysteries.
        I hold faith in this phrase. This letter is a request to discuss any faith you might have in it. A repetitive phrase could be put to good use in our favor. The momentum of movement that cares about our future is not toward unity. Could that be shifted? They are Issued forth toward a kind of unity. There are so many issues, everything is progressing rapidly, we are letting ourselves be divided. There is no leadership that is Issued Forth against them, in defense of what's left of the realm.
        Time is running forward. This is a small call for a new unity. I hold no ownership over this idea. Energy in motion prevails.

"for all that is, and ever will be, and to all that our eyes may see"

"to all those souls that have lived before, and for all the souls come evermore"

Thank you for the comfort the knowledge of your personality has given me, and for your time spent here.

        -Addison Comeau                 @IssuedForth

"for the growth, before the decay, as both are one, from day to day"

The Momentum, a first call

        Speaking as one from the generation of millenials, I see that the vast majority of my peers are not inclined to bring themselves out of a mindset that is constantly seeking to satisfy them comfortably. The ultimate end of what modern tradition has taught them is to have individual freedom of satisfaction. The liberty of tolerance has conditioned their egos to break from history and create a new world upon self-serving beliefs and morals. From older generations, a lack of loyalty to unity displays that competition holds a higher, more socially applauded value than conflict resolution. The population of young people has a tendency to be unappreciative or unencouraging toward the dwindling few that embrace the need for a review of issues and trends that, if our sciences are correct, destroy futures. Much is irreversibly moving along an inevitable progression that, without contingencies of nearly fantastical proportion, would bring human and earthly existence far away from the pinnacle of life. The majority of young people, who are inheriting the human world, give little time to consider the issues brought forward by those individuals and organizations who are concerned about where the world might end up. Speaking from experience, young adults downplay dangers without feeling the need to investigate, assuring themselves they have an adequate basis of knowledge.
        Writing broad and generally in this context is, I believe, appropriate. I'm not trying to convey an atmosphere of certain doom, I am simply providing a personal judgment- showing how desperate of a predicament I see myself in. I see that the rate at which youngsters willfully come aboard to see the extreme reality of our time has not gained any momentum and is arguably slowing. I seem to almost push away my peers when I bring up an issue. At one time, parts of "rock'n'roll" provided a commons that honored the discussion of issues that were taboo elsewhere, and gave some emphasis on activism. Now, even though some bands still encourage political awareness, among the "rock'n'roll" crowd you're unlikely to find more than a handful of rockers who want to have a conversation on the pertinent issues of our time. And even then, 'getting back to the party' eventually becomes an irresistible temptation. I guess the futility of potential efforts appears overwhelming. With an ever-increasing proportion of those soon-to-be adults falling victims to the "state-sponsored" music industry, it's hard to be anywhere between apathetic or indignant. Our social lives are saturated with pathetic distractions. And no one wants a "party-pooper", right?
        Because of this quagmire, I have been inclined to think that contingency planning would be a better occupation than activism. To pursue both would be ideal, but how much can one man do? Bringing myself up-to-speed with unfolding current events, is leaving less and less time to research essential historical context that I may not be aware of. So, how hard would it be to brief that massive section of people to this ongoing nightmare? If we were to undertake that task, who is capable of doing it, and how poetic or how factual? My problem might be that I have burdened myself too much, but I feel that I am the contrast to my generation.
        The world of my childhood was abounding with wonder and intrigue. I remember my mind going wild when I was annually asked, "what do you want to be when you grow up?" Ranging from aeronautical engineer, to zoo-keeper, to special forces, I was always thirsty for knowledge. Figuring prominently in my interests were the two world wars, biology, and aeronautics. This led me to a love of history and science in my later teen years. In the same year as 9/11 I learned the definition of phenomenon. Needless to say, that year, my twelfth, was a turning-point for me. I would endeavor to measure and weigh the fringes of reality from then on. I have been to radical and back. And although I still call myself "a radical" I know that I am a normal product of things. This world is eccentric, for the worst, and I stand out by not irrationally accepting it as normal.
        There are innumerable areas in which the mind can build a labyrinth. And in our so called "information age" exponentially more. Even though the number of spoken languages will be diminished greatly in my lifetime, and there are forces to globalize culture, it appears that novelties have divided humanity more than ever before.
        I went to the G20 summit/protest in Toronto naive and optimistic, and left the illegal detainment center disillusioned and without much hope. It was clear to me that only counterproductive, regime-strengthening consequences were occurring, because there was no unity or concerted effort large enough with any clear issue. Ironically "stop honor killings in India" had the largest concrete organization I could see, second only to the "black bloc". I regret my rendezvous with the "g4-20" before going deeper downtown, because me and my two buddies had found our way straight to the heat. After no more than a 10min walk from the 'police mobile-command-station' there was a burning police car and a bunch of anarchists, the "black bloc". We were like moths to a fire and once we were absorbed, leaving didn't look welcoming. I bore witness to the false-flag operation that day. We, this unhindered group of roving 'anarchists' and cameramen(and a few randoms like us), were obviously being tracked by multiple cameras and police but it was like they cleared out the way for us to march down a set path. With all the riot police, easily deployable in their coach buses, 1/3 bearing 'non'-lethal weapons, and most available on standby, sure as shit they were told to stand down because they were chomping at their bits. For 30-40 minutes, about no more than 200- idiots, anarchists, & black bloc took a stroll with some 100 photographers and followers past banks, major retailers, lines of riot police, all the way to Toronto police headquarters braking a few windows of their museum across the street, then paraded on to queen's park, Toronto's "free-speech zone". Nearly the whole way through, my petit friend Charlotte was paradoxically waving peace-signs with both hands stretched in the air, as random perpetrators were smashing windows and alarms were sounded. I would say no more than two dozen major acts of vandalism occurred. Grief still remains with me because smoking earlier had caused me to be ideologically inert, I was rendered to be introspectively aware, and existentially comparative. I could have effected some preventative measures to stop a few of them but I was put in that place to learn apparently. So, queen's park was where there was going to be a camp-out by the legitimate and peaceful protesters, and that's where our "black bloc" & company found their safest place to disperse. What a perfect reason to disperse everyone eh! As soon as the crooks and us arrived there were buses surrounding the area. The cops were waiting around for the "black bloc" to finish changing clothes and their buddies to get of the bus. Then within two hours, the queen's "mounties" charged citizens of "Canada" off her park, our "designated free-speech zone". The cavalry drove a wedge allowing the infantry to finish the job. Wow, the history eh?
        That was Saturday. I was detained on Sunday walking through queen's park toward a religious congregation of anti-zionist orthodox Jews, yelling "free Palestine" after an individual walked past me with a large Israeli flag. I didn't clue in to gravity of the situation, there weren't protesters anywhere, I was easy prey. Promptly after my verbal belligerence a Chevy uplander with four Toronto pigs materialized behind me and I became detainee 0800. I was a victim of fashion and many other things, basically I fit every component of their profile. Black hoodie, black scarf, and having the number for free legal advice written on my arm sealed my fate. They let my obedient friends go but still told the bike pigs to watch them as I was put in their vehicle. So, four cops who had their service defamed the day previous had arrested what in every way matched one responsible. Executioner-style they all put on their gangster-gloves and vented a bit. Can't really blame the dogs when you are on the owners property. They admitted to fascism, liking to think they were more hardcore than Soviet Russia. Don't worry, they only broke a tiny blood vessel in my eye and made fun of the tears. Threatening me with 6 counts of bullshit and the real prison where I was "going to be dessert", they sole my nice knife to give to a son of their's and wrote down only "conspiracy to commit mischief". The paddy-wagon picked up a true victim of fashion on the way to the detention center where every detainee was greeted with a triumphal cheer and cage-rattling as he was ushered from one cage to the other...   see part 2